“I’m an angel investor and former venture capital fund manager. Here’s how to fund your million dollar idea …”

Most businesses (65%) get funded by personal or family loans, another small amount (10%) use credit cards or personal loans, and a minute less than 1% of business get funded by investors. That leaves products and services never reaching customers, jobs never created, and lot of headaches for the entrepreneurs that can’t grow their businesses.

If you have a million dollar idea, and all the passion in the world to see it through, chances are that there’s just one thing holding you back…

Lack of Funds!

It’s the Achilles’ heel of every entrepreneur – how to get those funds to get your idea rolling and gain traction in the market. I should know myself, as a company founder I’ve gone through the same growing pains stemming from a lack of funding for a wealth of opportunities. It’s not fun, I tell you!

Thankfully, there’s a better way to get funded than searching the streets for loose change…

I’ve worked relentlessly to educate people like you to raise the funds they need, and I also want to get better deals to invest in them myself.

Five years in the making, I published the book: How to Fund Your Million Dollar Idea. Now, we continue to add value by providing courses so you can learn how to raise funds or help those who are in that journey.

Yes! Happiness is a positive cash flow!, but working solely on revenues to fund your firm is simply too slow and too limiting.

Millions of entrepreneurs are failing to receive the funding support they deserve and need. As a result:

  • They might have to close their firm.
  • The company can’t grow, or the project never gets off the ground.
  • They are stressed having to do it all, providing bad customer service, and offering less than optimal products or services that they KNOW how to make right.
  • They can’t connect with clients because they are busy doing dumb things instead of having the resources to pay experts.
  • They can’t provide good jobs including, one to themselves.

Instead of spending thousands of hours or dollars on the wrong path, get the facts, stay ahead, understand why one source is better than another for you, and plan accordingly.

There are many ways to fund a business. The commercial puzzle has a piece that fits an ideal funding mechanism to your particular situation. It could take you years, and thousands of dollars to find that fit.

Or, you can preview this video online for less than a cup of coffee, or you can learn in an hour the fundamentals behind the multiple options available to you and your company NOW, and the company you want to create in the future.

In one hour, you will understand the differences between many sources of funds so you can make better decisions: From owners to equity partners, angel investors to venture capitalists, to lending institutions and other less known sources, such as factoring and guerrilla funding.

A foolproof proposition: Get the power point for free here; check our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wealthing  Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Wealthing or our Udemy class:  www.udemy.com/how-to-fund-your-million-dollar-idea-equity-debt-unfund. Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wealthing

You will learn:

  1. How to have a clear message
  2. How to prevent the death of a business
  3. Why cash flow projections fail and what can you do about it
  4. What are the secrets to smart financial planning
  5. What is good and bad debt, and how to move from one to another
  6. Why is it critical to have the right mindset
  7. Who are the first investors in the firm, how are they rewarded
  8. What are equity partners, how to find them and use them
  9. What are angel investors, how to find them and use them
  10. What is venture capital, how to find it and use it
  11. Why is debt the cheapest source of funds and what are the criteria that you MUST meet to receive loans
  12. How to fund without capital and find unusual collaborators

Quick Snapshots:

Created and produced by someone who has been a founder, family member, friend, angel, equity partner, Venture Capital fund manager and has used factoring, partnering and guerrilla funding extensively. Someone who is passionate about creating wealth and helping entrepreneurs overcome obstacles…

Because funding should be exciting not devastating. and you shouldn’t waste your time seeking a type of funding that is not appropriate for you.

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To your success,

Alicia Castillo Holley, MBA, PhD

and the Wealthing (R) group.

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